Saturday, 30 July 2011

Immediate Load Dental Implants Dallas TX

Immediate Load Implants - Another Option
In addition to traditional implants, we are also happy to offer our patients immediate load implants.  With this option you will only need four implants.  And the best part is that you can arrive in our office with missing or unhealthy teeth and leave with beautiful, functioning teeth - all in the same day.  The use of four strategically positioned implants allows for very strong support for your new teeth.  Immediate load implants can withstand pressure immediately without having to wait for the bone to heal around it.

In the past when a patient lost teeth through trauma, disease, or extraction and opted to have dental implants, they would most often need to be referred to an oral surgeon.  The surgeon would place the implants and send the patient back to the regular dentist to have the teeth placed on the implants.  In our practice, we can place the immediate load implants and teeth in a single visit.  And the patient doesn't have to endure six months of having a space in their mouth.

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